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Warwick Ward


Product Code: CX25EV

weight - cab version with rubber tracks: 2320 kg
digging depth 2560 mm
engine Internal Permanent Magnets (IPM) Max. Power (2800 rp) (kWm) 32.0-

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  • Tiltable Cab/Canopy (ROPS/TOPS - FOPS Level 1)
  • Windshield washer
  • Rear-view mirrors (left, right)
  • Fabric seat with Mechanical suspension (cab)
  • Vynil seat with Mechanical suspension (canopy)
  • Standard arm
  • Boom Lift cylinder and dozer blade cylinder protection
  • 1st Auxiliary (AUX1) circuit with Electro- Hydraulic proportional control
  • Travel arm
  • Electro-Hydraulic joysticks
  • Electronic display and controls
  • 3 pre-set control modes
  • Electronic flow setting for every movement and auxiliary circuit
  • On-board battery charger (220 VAC)
  • Rubber tracks
  • Standard counterweight
  • Standard Dozer Blade
  • 2 speed travel with Automatic Shift Down (from 2nd to 1st gear if more traction is required) and Shift-up
  • Extendable undercarriage
  • Operator manual
  • Ignition key, which opens every machine lock
  • Standard LED working lights (boom)
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Variable Volume Pump
  • Bio hydraulic oil and Lubricants
  • CASE Sitewatch and SiteConnect


  • DAB Radio, Bluetooth, USB, Memory card SD/SDHC, Aux-in (cab only)
  • Long arm
  • 2nd Auxiliary (AUX2) circuit with Electro-Hydraulic propotional control and flow diverter from boom swing
  • Block valves on dozer blade cylinder
  • Object handling kit (block valves on boom and arm, lifting hook and load chart)
  • Grapple provision (AUX3 with flow diverter from bucket cylinder)
  • Direct Drainage to tank
  • Extra LED working lights (cab-front and cab-rear)
  • Portable fast charger (380 VAC)
  • Rotating beacon
  • Hydraulic quick coupler provision (Single or Double Effect)
  • Mechanical and Hydraulic quick couplers
  • Buckets


  • Superior Protection grid (FOPS Level 2)
  • Front Protection grid (Level 2)
  • Arm cylinder and bucket cylinder protection
  • Vast variety of attachments
  • Full range of Buckets
  • Full range of Mechanical and Hydraulic quick couplers

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