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High Speed Shredders

Our high speed shredders are designed and manufactured with a focus on flexibility, durability and sustainability.

The TBG 620 is a powerful, compact and flexible high speed industrial shredder that can be utilised for various shredding tasks in the field of waste wood.  Due to a multitude of possible settings for the shredding process, a variety of materials can be shredded onsite to the customer's desired size.  Applications include shrubbery clippings, garden waste, compost material, organic waste, bark, trunk and root wood.

The TBG 630 is the ultimate processing machine for medium to large scale biomass and green waste processors. Powered by a 661HP V8 Scania engine, it has been designed to give operators unrivalled production rates and ease of maintenance.
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infeed dimensions: 2'4'' x 4'9'' (700mm x 1,436mm)
weight: 55,100lbs (25,000kg)
engine: Scania DC13 493HP Stage V,
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infeed dimensions: 2'6" high x 5'7" wide (780 mm x 1,700 mm)
weight: 78,485lbs (35,600kg)
engine: Scania DC16 661 HP (493kW), Tier 4 Final
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