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Warwick Ward


Product Code: TWH 215 HIRE

operating weight:: 31,000 - 34,000 lbs (14,000 - 15,000 kg)
engine output: 114 hp (85 kW)
reach: Up to 29 ft (8.8 m)

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The TWH215 waste handler is a compact, maneuverable and powerful solution for those in search of waste handling equipment that does not compromise performance, efficiency or reliability. The TWH215 has a reach of 8.8 meters and an operating weight of 15 tonnes.
The high-performance 85 kW (114 hp) turbo diesel engine moves even heavier loads quickly and precisely. Thanks to its sensitive hydraulics and rock-solid mechanics, maneuvers can be carried out smoothly and effortlessly. The diesel particle filter (DPF) fitted as standard is state of the art and provides a significantly improved working environment, which benefits both on-site personnel as well as the environment. The optional cooling system with two physically-separated radiators aids in moderating and maintaining the operating temperature even when the machine is in sustained use.
The cab affords optimal visibility, with height-adjustability to an eye-level of 5.2 meters. It is equipped with large panoramic windows. The TWH215 also offers unique features, such as standard reverse fan, an optional air conditioning or even a protective ventilation system for operations in a setting that poses health risks.

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