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Warwick Ward


Product Code: TTS 520 HIRE

drum length:: 16'-10" (5,150 mm)
drum diameter: 6'-6" (2,000 mm)
weight: 30,864 lbs (14,000 kg)

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The drum screen TTS520, a mobile two-fraction screen, is a powerful, compact and sturdy screen that can be utilized for various screening tasks. Due to the multitude of possible settings for the screening process such as material feed rate, drum speed and inclination angle, a great variety of materials can be screened on site according to customer requirements. Available in both the European and North American markets, the TTS520 processes the applications of compost material, wood, sand and gravel, soil and pre-crushed waste.
Terex has years of experience in applying its know-how of producing efficient and specialized machines to optimize the sustainable use of raw materials. Its drum screen measures at 2 meters in diameter by 5.1 meters in length and is powered by a 99 hp (74 kW) John Deere diesel engine.

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