Warwick Ward

RETIREMENT: Rosemary Richards

1st March 2019

RETIREMENT: Rosemary Richards
Warwick Ward are saddened to have one of our receptionists, Rosemary Richards leave us after spending 12 years at the company. Rosemary is a great character and will be missed by all. The place will be less bright and colorful, this mainly due to Rosemary’s multi-colored tights retiring with her.

Matthew Ward MD at Warwick Ward said: ‘An emotional day for all of us here at Warwick Ward’s as we say farewell and a massive thank you to the irreplaceable Rosemary Richards as she retires. Rosemary has been our receptionist for what seems like an eternity and she will be missed by all the staff, management and customers alike. She will always be regarded as part of the family and we wish her a happy and long retirement. Her unique personality and way of treating customers with a smile, or occasionally a frown, will be sadly missing from our main depot in Barnsley. Stay in touch Rosie and be sure to visit whenever you feel like it, you are always welcome.’

All at Warwick Ward wish Rosemary the best in her retirement and all the best for the future.