Warwick Ward

50 Year Anniversary

9th September 2020

50 Year Anniversary
Warwick Ward (machinery) Ltd. are proud to be celebrating 50 years in business and want to thank each and every one of their customers and suppliers for their support along this journey and can't wait to see what the future holds!

Ashley and Matthew Ward (jt Managing Directors) said “Today is an incredibly proud day for our business; a truly momentous occasion. 50 years ago Warwick Ward (machinery) Ltd was born, founded by our dad Warwick and mum Susan. What’s the saying…“From small acorns do giant oak trees grow”.

What an amazing journey it’s been and we are so proud of the company, it’s achievements over the years and all those people that have worked within the business and have contributed to what it has become. The only sadness is that neither Warwick or Susan are around to celebrate with us but we are sure they are looking down from above and raising a glass to the past, present and future. Hopefully, they like what they see! We are sure they would be immensely proud if not a little gobsmacked at the shape and size the business has grown and evolved into over the last two decades that we have held the reins.

We feel there’s much more yet to be achieved, so here’s to the next 50 years! All the best to everyone".