Warwick Ward

Beach Care Project

8th March 2023

Beach Care Project
CNH Industrial and CASE Construction Equipment have been striving to keep coastlines clean and encouraging others to do the same via the Beach Care Project, which is an innovative programme developed to protect the environment and the biodiversity of the beach ecosystem.

The project has involved over 10,000 children across Italy, France and Spain and have recently worked with Canvey Bay Watch – an Essex-based volunteer group dedicated to protecting their local beach. We supported their cleaning efforts with a CASE TV370B Compact Track Loader, supplied by Warwick Ward (machinery) Ltd, which was used to load waste material that had been recovered from the Thorney Bay Beach, at the mouth of the River Thames.

Barry Campagna, Chairman of Canvey Bay Watch, said: “When the beach is clean, people show it more care and respect. It also enables other opportunities for local children to learn about the positive ecological impact they can make.”