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NT Killingley building roads and building relationships

24th November 2017

NT Killingley building roads and building relationships
NT Killingley has always had an innovative ethos and is constantly exploring new technologies and ideas with a view to improving services and client experiences. With many new large-scale projects on the horizon, the latest acquisition has been going through its paces at the Finningley and Rossington Regeneration Route Scheme (FARRRS) Phase 2 scheme. The £56m, three-mile stretch of road between the M18 and Doncaster Sheffield Airport will slash journey times from Sheffield to 30 minutes and puts 6.2m people within an hour’s drive of the airport.

For many years Killingley has fully utilised GPS 3D machine control on all their schemes and its own in-house engineering department is skilled and experienced in all types of surveying including the use of various UAVs for surveying and recording purposes.

The purchase of the Case CX210D from Warwick Ward (machinery) Ltd coupled with the Engcon EC226 Tilt-rotator complete with oil quick connections and eps rotation sensors for use with the Leica iXE CoPilot system which allows automatic tilt has proved to give even more efficiencies than the 3D machine control system alone, and the fact that the tiltrotator is quickly demountable enabling the Case excavator to be quickly adapted in seconds for use as a general purpose machine is a further bonus and further enhances the versatility offered by the package.

Ben Charlton, Contracts Manager for NT Killingley said: “It’s great to be at the forefront of the coming together of these fantastic technologies which become much more than the sum of their parts”

NT Killingley has always used a variety of manufacturers from which to source its fleet and operate a wide spectrum of combinations of excavators and tilt-rotators, they do however feel that the combination of the Case excavator, Engcon Tilt-rotator and SCCS Survey supplied Leica machine control system is the ultimate combination to provide the best versatility and reliability and consequently value for money.

Earthworks Director for NT Killingley, Rob Taylor added: “This is a whole package which is bringing us solutions and good value! We have worked hard in partnership with all the suppliers and firmly believe that this combination of technologies is providing us with the best options to carry out the wide-ranging, diverse and often challenging schemes in which we are often involved.”

“Understanding our customer needs is the key to building strong relationships”, said Scott Bunting, Sales Executive for Warwick Ward. “Our indepth consultation and recognition of NT Killingley’s requirements are pivotal to providing the right machines for their ever-evolving approach to efficient work practices. The Case CX210D proved it’s worthiness on test and demonstrated the capabilities to enhance the performance of the Engcon and Leica products, leaving the operator with power and precision at his fingertips. The machines low fuel usage, high reliability and a simplified AdBlue only after-treatment, along with a full repair and maintenance package, makes it the perfect partner and new addition to the NT Killingley fleet.”